September Willow- a personal, lifestyle journal. 

Hello! Happy to see you here- My name is Tami. My family and I live right outside of Annapolis, Maryland, halfway between Baltimore and Washington DC. I am new to the blogging adventure but super excited to see where this takes me. I started blogging partly because I am turning 40 this year and it scares the hell out of me! I wanted to see my life, my days, my family and my creative passions laid out here and re-affirm the path I am on. 
Me and my hubby Nick- so thankful and lucky to have him by my side- He supports me wholeheartedly and tells me "whatever you want Hon" a thousand times more than no.

My boys- Alec 15, Nicholas 5- my Buds, my heart, my joy 

My jewelry designs
My hair accessories

What I will talk about here-

~My family- my husband, my two boys, four dogs, four goldfish and one very fat cat.
~Creative passions
~Recipes and good eating.
~Books that I am reading (or should be reading)
~Movies/T.V. that are a must see
~Future plans and designs in my two shops
~Pinterest picks and finds
~Highlights from other blogs
~Supporting Handmade Artists and Crafters
~Things that make me Happy!

What I won't talk about here-

~Anything I would be embarrassed if my mom or mother-in-law read.
~Anything that would later embarrass me!
~Outfit posts- Not a huge fashion girl. I wish I was that adorable mother with the great wardrobe but sadly, I am not. I do love me some designer handbags and cute shoes, but no fashion advice here. Hair products and make-up, I can do!
~Music- again, not a big music person. I don't even own an ipod or mp3 player. Sometimes in the car, a little top 20, some new country, some lofty coffee house stuff but I like my rare moments of quiet.
~My full time job. I am a police officer in the 28th largest metropolitan police department in the US. I work in a division that is responsible for professional compliance. Though I am very proud of my profession and department,  I will never talk about my job here. No matter the spin or topic, I probably would not always be heard right so I will refrain from it.